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  • Sales skills
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  • Sales funnels
  • Paid traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Any skill or prior knowledge

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This is so Simple, an 8 year old makes


You may have heard of this millionaire 8 year old kid named Ryan…

His parents started a YouTube channel so he could review the newest toys.

All he did was unbox the toys, review what he liked (and didn’t like) about them and BAM! he started making thousands - then tens of thousands - and then…

…fast forward a few years and today that kid is one of the top YouTubers in the world, bringing in over $29,000,000 PER YEAR in revenue!

However, the way WE’RE going to show you is EVEN BETTER -
because we have a few secret weapons up our sleeves… (stay tuned)

Johns’ story…

and why you need to start doing this, immediately…

We met John back in 2015 at a business conference and then we lost touch…

Recently, we found him again on Facebook and he was doing something completely new and different.

He was making over $300,000 a year making simple videos with his phone or web camera!

Of course, we HAD to find out what he was doing.

As we got back in touch and he shared this exciting new business model with us, we were WOWED to say the least…

We were so excited that we immediately got started because this method is SO EASY TO DO and more importantly…

This method gives you SO MUCH LEVERAGE…

Look at how much John made in ONE DAY, 
just a few days ago!

We met John back in 2015 at a business conference and then we lost touch…

Recently, we found him again on Facebook and he was doing something completely new and different.

He was making over $300,000 a year making simple videos with his phone!

Of course, we HAD to find out what he was doing.

As we got back in touch and he shared this exciting new business model with us, we were WOWED to say the least…

We were so excited that we immediately got started because this method is SO EASY TO DO and more importantly…

This method gives you SO MUCH LEVERAGE…

With this method,  It Takes A TINY AMOUNT Of Effort To Make A LOT OF INCOME…

AND… that tiny effort makes you ONGOING, PASSIVE INCOME!

This is truly a rare & amazing way to make a lifetime of affiliate income, 
not just a one-time shot.
Just take a look at some of the income streams that John has set up 
just using his PHONE or web camera!


You can even crush it with cheap every day products!

John made $50,671 From a Product Review Of Mouth Wash!!!!! 

If you have a PHONE or web camera
and 30 seconds...
You can do this!

Each and every day, he’s getting paid!
While he's Working, playing, sleeping, driving... 24 hours a day!

Almost 500,000 views 
and nearly 15k in commissions 
from Just ONE TINY VIDEO!!!

And now, with the latest amazing AI tools,

 you can speed up your success and begin making money MUCH FASTER THAN EVER!

And we’ll break it all down how it’s done. 
Using AI just makes this go nuts.

Even if you’ve had little or no success online yet, we’re going to show you 
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This is one of the easiest, surest ways to make 
an ongoing passive income that we’ve ever seen, and John is proof of this.

In this easy video training, you discover the specific, simple method that John uses to make this massive, passive income by filming quick, simple “faceless” videos. 
And you don’t have to be on camera!

And not only can you make a huge passive income, but get this…

John got STARTED by reviewing items 
he already had laying around his home...
And then... 
almost immediately, 
he started receiving TONS of FREE MERCHANDISE 
from vendors and manufacturers 
who wanted review videos for THEIR PRODUCTS!

Affiliate AI requires 

He doesn’t seek these out and he DEFINITELY doesn't have to buy products...

THEY REACH OUT TO HIM with lots of FREE PRODUCTS that they want him to review!

Now with the power of the AI affiliate system you can do the same thing.

Imagine, making a six-figure income (passive income) like John does and then, on top of that,


Some of these items sell for HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, but... 


As we all know, there are millions of things that people buy every day 

Imagine getting paid to review these items 
and ALSO getting the items FOR FREE??

We show you how to start this whole process from ZERO
without ever spending a dime on products.

Do this from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your bedroom! Start with what you have laying around.

You can even do this without even having access 
to any physical products at all! 
It is just insane. 

You can do this with


Start of by simply reviewing items around your house or apartment that you already own and BAM! that video starts earning you money, and ongoing, for life! 

Then as you make money and grow, you start to catch the fever and turn this into a "serious" business. (that takes MINUTES to do!)

All you are doing is just showing people stuff!

Remember you can do all this without even showing your face and having AI generate the content for you!

How is this possible?

We break it all down in this exciting new world of Affiliate A.I.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

John will also show you a brand-new program 
(that he started in before anyone else did)
that no one knows about yet, 
but will be a powerful way to make massive passive income 
for thousands of people - and YOU get to hear about it first!!


  • Review Videos: Make simple, one-minute "faceless" videos 
  • ​Get Paid By Vendor: Vendors will gladly PAY YOU to make review videos of their products!
  • Affiliate Commissions: Make affiliate commissions on the products you review
  • BONUS Affiliate Commissions: On top of the regular affiliate commissions you make from AMAZON or other affiliate programs, VENDORS sometimes pay you EXTRA commissions on every sale!
  • Free Products: Vendors are actively looking for YOU to review their products. They ship you FREE PRODUCT!
  • Sell The Free Products: Once you've done the video, you can resell any products you don't want to keep! 

Want To Multiply Your Results?

Lots Of Places To Post Your Review Videos!

  • YouTube
  • YouTube Shorts
  • ​Instagram
  • ​TikTok
  • ​Facebook
  • ​All of the sources used are 100% free traffic

NOW is the time to check this out

and crush this as everyone is buying products online,
yet 99% of people are not doing this strategy Yet!

When you add the power of A.I. on top of this, 
you will crush the competition

Will this get saturated? Absolutely not. We are the first to break this game down to the community. 

Of those that buy this system, most people will not take action.

When you also add on the fact that there are billions of products to review, we simply can’t get to it all.

It is that wide open! All you have to do is follow the system and you crush.

When you’re first, you don’t care about saturation because you’ll already have a giant chunk of the market share!

You already know that we bring you only the BEST products and the BEST ways to make money online that you’ve ever seen and this is no different.

This is POWERFUL and you can get in on it, right now.

Here’s What You’re Going To

get inside Affiliate AI:

  • The simple formula for determining which products to review (And how you can review items from your home - at no cost to you)
  • How to do your “face less” videos, step-by-step
  • How to use AI to "perfectly script" your videos, so you don't have to think about what to say!
  • The perfect length AND format for your videos
  • How to use AI to dramatically accelerate your income
  • Why this business will explode, even during a recession
  • The special, BRAND-NEW program that John is an expert at, that is taking the world by storm - and how you can participate, immediately 
  • How to maximize your videos across multiple platforms for maximum commissions

And much, much more!

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Think about it this way…

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That’s how confident we are that this Affiliate AI system can truly change your life.

See You On The Inside,


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